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Services Offered
                 Online or In Person

The All Energies team is proud to offer thorough and extensive consultation services to clients all over the globe.

We mainly work on Alternative Energy Systems, but we can also assist you in a wide range of other capacities. Our speciaties include:

- Alternative fuels & automobiles
- Computer diagnostics & repair
- Custom Welding & Fabrication
- Gasification
- Ground source heating & cooling
- LED Lighting
- Mobile automotive & tractor service
- Off grid homes
- Solar hot-water
- Solar power/Photovoltaics
- Website design
- Wind power

Our rates vary, so please contact us and ask about our free estimates.

Just email Casey or Sara and explain your question/project as thoroughly and succinctly as possible. We respond to each request or project proposal in the order in which they were received and occasionally we experience a backlog, but please refrain from sending us multiple duplicate messages.

Thanks for your interest in our services and enthusiasm for Alternative Energy!

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